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Albury Wodonga Carpet Cleaning.
Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Get your carpets cleaned by Albury Wodonga Carpet Cleaning Government Accredited carpet cleaning technicians our highly experienced carpet cleaning technicians are trained to handle every aspect of your job.

Albury Wodonga Day-to-day traffic on your carpets brings its share of dirt, dust, spills, odours and stains. You want your carpet look nice and last a long time, vacuuming alone won’t keep your carpets fresh. Dirt and debris gets caught down deep in your carpets where only a professional carpet cleaning can get it out.

Albury Wodonga Carpet Cleaning uses deep Steam cleaning process that uses Truck Mount hot water extraction to loosen the deep soil trapped in your carpets. Our steam cleaning machines heat the water to a high temperature that’s one of the reasons our results will give you the best results.

The first step in the carpet cleaning process is the pre-inspection. Upon arrival, a technician will perform a walk-through to assess the areas to be cleaned and confirm the quote. At this time, property owners are encouraged to point out stains and problem areas they would like corrected. Albury Wodonga Carpet Cleaning certified technicians will evaluate these areas of concern and determine if they can be treated with spot or stain treatments, or require carpet repair.

Our professional truck mount extraction machine is used to remove debris and residue from the carpet. The truck mount extraction machine uses a mixture of hot water and a powerful cleaning solution to sanitize the carpets. After this solution is injected into the carpets the debris and liquid is suctioned out of the carpet. Finally, the carpet is rinsed with a neutralizing solution to remove any remaining dirt or cleaning residue.

Albury Wodonga Carpet Cleaning will deodorise your carpets free and leave them smelling fresh.

Our Carpet Cleaning Process:

  1. Pre-inspection
  2. Pre-vacuuming (if needed)
  3. High traffic area pre-treatment
  4. Tough stains treatment
  5. Pre-Brushing (if needed)
  6. Steam Cleaning
  7. Stains removal (to our best abilty)
  • Professional Steam Cleaning and Stain Removal
  • Lounge Suites
  • Rental Bond Cleans
  • Have your carpets professionally cleaned by a Government Accredited qualified carpet cleaning technician

Albury Wodonga Carpet Cleaning has over 30 Years of experience trust your carpet cleaning to the professionals no carpet cleaning job big.

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