Carpet Steam Cleaning

Albury Wodonga Steam Carpet Cleaning.
Carpet Steam Cleaning

Professional Carpet Steam Cleaning

Your carpets are one of the most expensive household items you possess, costing many thousands of dollars. Looking after them professionally on a regular basis, will save you money and time, and give you years of pleasure and long wear.

Steam Cleaning of Carpets, cleans better than any other process, on most carpets, and in most situations. As most people know, who have had carpet cleaning, steam cleaning is a deeper clean, extracting grit, sand and loose soiling which normally would damage and wear the carpet. Also with steam cleaning, a far superior result will be obtained with stain removal, while sanitisation can occur through the cleaning process to kill bacteria and germs. Your carpets, for hygienic purposes, should be steam cleaned, every 6 months, (especially, if you have children or pets).

Your carpets may look clean, but constant walking on them, after entering from outside, contaminates your carpets. Regular steam cleaning of your carpets will not only enhance their appearance, but also extend the life of the carpet.

Our Heavy-Duty Carpet Cleaning Service is for those carpets that require a lot of attention. This carpet cleaning service offers the same steps as our standard service, however, prior to steam cleaning your carpets are scrubbed with a rotary scrubbing machine to loosen the dirt to enhance the results.

Give your carpets the royal treatment with our Premium Care Carpet Cleaning Service. You will not find a more thorough clean than what we can offer here. This service is suitable for those who want the very best service in Carpet Cleaning. This is a 12 Step process and included with the clean comes 15mins of stain removal.

Professional carpet steam cleaning helps remove dirt and bacteria trapped deep in the fibres, preventing premature wear and tear and costly repairs.

This also helps to improve the overall appearance of the property and reduces the risk of compromising the health of residents and customers.

  • Removal of odours
  • Removal of stains caused by food or drink spillage
  • Restoring the carpet’s original texture
  • Improving discolouration of the carpet fibres
  • Removing mould
  • Minimising allergens
  • Extending the life of the carpet
  • Improving the overall look and feel of the carpet
  • General upkeep and maintenance of the carpet

We can send in one technician qualified carpet cleaning technician.

Carpet Sanitising

Sanitising (Bacteria Ban Treatment) is a virtual necessity, if there are asthmatics in your family, or if your children have pets that are part of the family and are regularly indoors, or if you are unsure of previous occupants. Bacteria Ban is a complete exterminating process of germs and bacteria and is in no way harmful to children, pets or plants and leaves a fresh aroma.

Professional Commercial Carpet Steam Cleaning Albury Wodonga

Albury Wodonga Carpet Cleaning also provides commercial carpet cleaning and sanitising services to all types of commercial premises.

We clean carpets in:

  • Shops
  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Schools and more

Having clean and healthy carpets is important for every property, but commercial premises especially require regular cleaning.

Have your carpets professionally cleaned by a Government Accredited qualified carpet cleaning technician.

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